Aylmer Thrift Store Donations Receiving Hours

Thank you for holding your donations during the lockdown!

We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve had boxes and bags waiting.

We are now able to receive your wonderful donations again!

Donations Receiving at the Aylmer Thrift Store, 300 Talbot St. W, Aylmer, ON is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 10am-4pm. We thank you for only dropping off during these times as it prevents damage and theft and helps keeps the property and parking lot clean and safe.

Visit our webpage for the Thrift Store for a list of items we do and do not accept.

For all the shoppers out there, retail is open Mon-Thurs & Sat 10am-4pm, and Fridays 1pm-7pm.

We continue to follow public health guidelines for COVID-19 safety, including masks, sanitizing and social distancing. We are operating at a reduced capacity of 25%. We appreciate your patience if there are wait times for shopping or dropping off your donation. We continue to provide excellent service while keeping our shoppers, donors, volunteers, and staff safe!

See you soon!

Newcomer Settlement Services Hours

Newcomer Settlement Services continue to be available by phone 519-765-3020 or e-mail [email protected]

In-person services are now available again, by appointment only. Please call 519-765-3020 to make your appointment. Appointments are available between 10am-12:30pm & 1pm-4pm, Tuesday- Friday.

COVID-19 safety measures, including public health unit guidelines on sanitizing, social distancing, masks, and screening continue to be followed.

What are Newcomer Settlement Services?

The MCS Aylmer Resource Centre settlement services connects newcomers with existing services in the community by providing information and referrals.

We help newcomers access government programs and help them navigate systems. While many of our clients are Low German speakers, we serve newcomers of any background. All are welcome!

Executive Director’s Letter regarding protests in Aylmer, ON

Abe Harms sent the following Letter to the Editor of the Aylmer Express. It was published in the November 4, 2020 edition of the Aylmer Express:

“When I first heard about the “Freedom Rally” in Aylmer on October 24, I was curious what it was about. I was saddened to learn that it was a protest against rules intended to keep us safe in a global pandemic. Rules that might presumably be a slight infringement on “our rights”. I was further saddened that Mennonite and Low German-speaking populations in our community are branded as rule-flaunting people that would force others to shop outside of town.

That is not the theology or philosophy that we grew up with or what Mennonite Community Services espouses. MCS adheres to Southwestern Public Health rules and is committed to the laws of Canada and Ontario. We have high regard for authorities and agree with St. Paul (Phil 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value other above yourself, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.)

I believe that the assumption that the church is in danger of disappearing for the lack of one gathering a week shows a lack of understanding of the Scripture or history. The Meserete Kristos Church (an Ethiopian Mennonite church) in 1982 counted 5,000 members when the government closed all churches. When in 1991 they were able to meet again they had grown to 32,000.

There has never been a better time in history for this pandemic than now. We have such a good medical system and the best communications system ever. We might be by ourselves but we don’t need to be alone.”

Abe Harms

E.D. of MCS

Volunteers welcome!

Are you looking for a way to contribute more in our community? Come join the Aylmer Thrift Store team of volunteers and staff.

You will be warmly welcomed by a group of dedicated people volunteering their time and expertise to help out the community. There are many tasks to choose from: stocking shelves in the store, sorting clothing, dishes, toys, linens, pricing items, receiving donations, sorting books and DVDs and so much more. We appreciate any amount of time you are able to contribute.

Come alone or bring a friend! You will form many new friendships while helping out at the same time.

Speak to our friendly staff about how to apply! Email [email protected] or call 519-765-1356.

Click here for a poster to print off for your church or office.

Please note the photos below were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Aylmer Thrift Store complies with SW Public Health safety measures.

Volunteer David with Receiving Supervisor Pedro Dyck showing off a fun hat find!
Volunteer Jessica putting baby clothes out in the retail section.
Volunteers Isaac Friesen, John Miller, and John Loewen enjoy testing out electronics together.

Aylmer Thrift Store Celebrating 1 year in new location!

A long-held dream became a reality one year ago. The Aylmer Thrift Store was able to move into an expanded space!

This Saturday, November 28, 2020, join us in celebrating this milestone with our Customer Appreciation Sale. 10am-4pm. We will be offering special deals to show our appreciation to the community for your support:

Get $5 off your purchase when you spend $20 or more!

All Christmas stock 50% off!

Since 1981, the Aylmer Thrift Store (formerly known as the Aylmer Mennonite Community Store) has served the Aylmer community. Our thrift store provides a good affordable option for people in our community to obtain good clothing, shoes, books and household items. Donated items come from the public, and are sold often upcycled or repurposed. We are a locally owned thrift shop who support programs in our community and global programs through MCC.

Over 100 volunteers help make the Thrift Store happen, and we are always looking for more! Contact Marie Dyck, phone: 519-765-1356, e-mail: [email protected], if you are interested in joining our fun and supportive environment as a volunteer!

Thank you for your continued support and God bless you!

Electronics Recycling Event

*Social Distance still in effect! Please be mindful of those around you*

Its cleanup time again! Gather all your old, unused or unwanted electronics and drop them off! All electronics accepted, Computers, Laptops, TV’s, Phones, Game Consoles, etc… **No appliances please**


Saturday, October 17, 10am-2pm


300 Talbot St. W, Aylmer, ON (Aylmer Thrift Store Parking Lot)

Thank you to Reboot Reuse Recycle for hosting this event!

Find the event on Facebook.

Dropping off your electronics recycling is easy!

Find fresh, local food more easily!

Buy Local Buy Fresh

The Buy Local Buy Fresh map is here for everyone to take advantage of our producers great local food!  

A printed map with short descriptions of each vendor is a great asset to keep in the vehicle and head out for fresh food.     www.buylocalbuyfresh.ca  also shows the county wide map and is interactive with ‘trails’ of recipes whether salsa, turkey dinner or fruit dessert is on your mind.  

The printed maps are at all map participants sites as well as our sponsors:  County of Elgin, SouthWest Public Health Unit, Elgin Federation of Agriculture and Harvest Bowl sites.  

Keep it on hand and spring into 2021 for the maple syrup, asparagus seasons!

Included is the jpg of the cover.

For more information contact:

Donna Lunn,   [email protected], 519.859.6988


Erna Coffin, (EC Design) [email protected], 519.860.1893

Parking Lot Furniture Sale

Friday, September 18, 1pm-7pm
Saturday, September 19, 10am-4pm

300 Talbot St. W, Aylmer, ON N5H 1K2

MCS Employment Services has a new phone number!

Give us a call today! 226-210-6800

MCS Employment Services is the place in our community where we can address all your employment needs.

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer looking for workers, we are here to assist you.

We offer access to funded programs, career assessments, resume and cover letter writing, retraining and upgrading referrals and supported job search. In addition, we support employers by providing job posting assistance, training incentives and basic recruitment guidance.

All of these services are free, open to anyone in the community and can be provided in Low German. MCS Employment is an Employment Ontario Service Provider.

Seniors Colouring Contest Winners!

There were 14 contestants, with a total of 35 pages entered.

The oldest contestant was 91 and the youngest was 61.

The two top winners were Inis Gibbons – 91, and Margaret Hamm – 78. They will both be featured in the local newspaper, the Aylmer Express, in the Wednesday, June 17 issue!

Inis Gibbons won for age category as well as most pages entered. She entered 7 pages! Margaret Hamm won for her age category but also for most creative. Other categories prizes were awarded for include: best pencil crayon/marker pages, best shading, most detailed page, most stunning colours, most unique technique, inspiring message, completely coloured in without showing white, youngest.

Pictured are, left, Maria Krahn, winner Best Pencil Crayon, and, right, Maria Hiebert, winner Most Unique. Mrs. Krahn’s prize was a $25 gift certificate for Aylmer Burger Stand. Mrs. Hiebert’s prize was a $25 gift certificate for The Gordita Shop.
Douglas Abram, winner Most Brilliant Colours. Prize was a $25 Gift Certificate for the Aylmer Thrift Store.
Helena Siemens, winner Colour Choice Page. Prize was a grocery bag full of food from Aylmer Valu-Mart.

Each contestant received a prize due to the generous donation of prizes from local businesses.

Participating businesses were:

Aylmer Burger Stand
The Gordita Shop
Talbot Street Tim Horton’s
Butter Me Up
Moore’s Garden Centre
Aylmer Garden Centre
Small Town Catering
The Family Central
Aylmer Thrift Store

Thank you to our local businesses who generously donated prizes!

Thank you to United Way for funding for this contest through the Local Love in a Global Pandemic grant.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! Your colouring pages were beautiful! It was wonderful to see and celebrate the creativity and skill of seniors in our community.

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