Low German Language/Culture Resources

Annual Forum for Service Providers of Low German Speaking Population  -   This conference is particularly helpful for services providers to understand the religious and cultural differences that distinguish this traditional Mennonite group from others. (Formerly known as the Low German Networking Conference)

Opening Doors - Online information and resources for service providers working with Low German speaking Mennonite from Latin America.

Online Plautdietsch Lexicon (Low German Dictionary.)

English-Plautdietsch Dictionary of Body Parts and Medical Terminology

A variety of books, bibles, video and audio materials are available in the Bookstore at our Resource Centre at 16 Talbot St. E, Aylmer, ON. These materials include stories (written, audio, video), music, resources for English speakers to learn Low German, cookbooks, history books, and more. Languages represented in our materials are Low German, English, High German, and Spanish.

Employment Resources

See Employment Services.

Settlement Resources

Citizenship and Immigration Canada - The government of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration  website.

St. Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership (STELIP) - This partnership between the YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin and Citizenship and Immigration Canada creates opportunities for service providers to network; works to enhance information provision to newcomers and immigrants about existing services and programs; and more.


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