Leadership & Board

2019-2020 Board of Directors:
Jacob Berg - Vice-Chair
Jake Bergen
Abe Harms - MCS Executive Director
Corey Klassen
Cornelius Knelsen
Franz Loewen
Jacob Penner - Secretary
Eddy Rempel - Chair
Andrew Thiessen - Treasurer
John Wall Sr.
Sara Wiebe

From the Executive Director

It has been another year of faithfully linking resources with needs, and the needs were vast and varied.

We regularly hear and see the positive results through our programs. Children are more ready and confident to begin school; women share of how they have gained confidence to speak for themselves at medical appointments and in their interactions with the school of their children. Men quickly gain respect from their employers and many become entrepreneurs after a few years.

It is together we are able to form an inspiring and growing community.

MCS Executive Director

Abe Harms

Abe Harms
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