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 Please give generously and help us to connect resources with needs. Your support helps to empower families and individuals, allowing them to integrate and be included in our diverse community.

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Welcome to Mennonite Community Services Ontario

Mennonite Community Services (MCS) is the social arm of several Anabaptist churches in the Aylmer and surrounding area. The mission of MCS is to provide leadership and empowerment by promoting integration and inclusion of our diverse communities, and serving the broader community in partnership with local agencies, businesses, and churches in response to the needs of all.  

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Life has changed dramatically for the Friesen* family since they arrived in Canada six years ago. During this time, they have accessed many services of MCS’ various programs for newcomers to help them on their journey. At the Resource Centre, the family received assistance with getting settled as citizens and residents of Canada. Mrs. Friesen took English as a Second Language and life skills classes at FESPA while her preschoolers were engaged in activities to help them to be ready for school. She was also supported in the Mam&Bebi program during two of her pregnancies and in the first few months of her new baby’s life. This family has become quite independent, and it is gratifying to see that now they are giving back to the community by reaching out to others in need.

Through the support of various agencies and generosity of donors in East Elgin and far beyond, MCS is able to continue to come alongside the many families who are new to Canada and walk with them on their journey to becoming established in their new home country.

If you’re interested in partnering with MCS by making a donation please contact us today at 519.765.3020. You can also choose to make a one-time donation or set up monthly donations online at Canada Helps.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of this family.


MCS' 13th Annual Charity Auction & Family Fun Run


MCS' 13th Annual Charity Auction was a great success again this year. This is due to great support from the community, a high number of generous donors, and hard-working volunteers who put many hundreds of hours of their time and effort into this event. Over $40,000 was raised. The majority of it will be put back into our local community through programming at MCS. The rest will be used in global relief programs through MCCO. MCS gratefully thanks all who contributed and were involved.


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Making Use of Your Unusables
Your Thrift Store Donations @ Work in Your Community and Around the World

Spring is just a few more weeks away. This is the time of year when many of us will purge our closets and basements. Bags and boxes will be packed with the things that clutter not only our homes, but our lives, too.

The only question, now, is how do you deal with all that stuff you’ve put in the boxes and bags? Some things still hold some value – just not to you. You certainly don’t want them thrown into a landfill, but neither do you want to see them sitting on a thrift store shelf somewhere priced at only a dollar or two. Other items are just the opposite, seeming a little too well-used to be of any value to anyone.

At the Aylmer Mennonite Community Store, staff and volunteers have come up with creative solutions on best uses for your unwanted items from both ends of the spectrum... continue reading



Facing the Challenges of 2013

A Message from the Executive Director

Over the years, the East Elgin Community has benefited much from MCC’s services in the area.  MCC is a recognized agency with a long history but, with the recent changes to the name and structure of the Aylmer location, Mennonite Community Services (MCS) is a relative newcomer. It has become very clear that the community at large does not really know very much about MCS.

This last year, Dr. Harry Cummings from the University of Guelph School of Environmental Design and Rural Development was engaged to do an Impact Assessment on MCS.  The findings are very encouraging. MCS received high praise from the various stakeholders, including clients, partnering agencies and funders.  The challenge now is to “be out there”, not only with the services, but to become more of a known entity to circles beyond clients, partners and funders. 

Being so rural creates unique challenges, especially remoteness. One very successful project to address this concern is our Settlement Stories Quilt Trail.  The Quilt Trail goes beyond our immediate stakeholders to communicate to the local community the vital role of MCS in it. It brings with it more awareness of our presence and the needs we address.

Because of the high needs for our services and the impact we are making, we have been led to make various internal challenges, namely space and resources.  Though they are by no means clear yet what these will be, we trust that 2013 will bring us some solutions on both fronts.

Abe Harms, Executive Director 


Impact Assessment Study Shows MCS Services Vital to the Community

An Impact Assessment Study on MCS by Dr. Harry Cummings of the University of Guelph of Environmental Design and Rural Development was completed in 2012. The study findings are very interesting and encouraging. Following are some of the highlights of the study and a brief summary of the impact MCS programs are making... continue reading


Experience A Day in Life at MCS’ Aylmer Resource Centre Newcomer & Settlement Services...

The Aylmer Resource Centre is a busy centre that provides a wide range of services to hundreds of people every year. We invite you to read on and spend a typical day with us.

The day begins with a weekly briefing for the team in MCS’ Resource Centre. This meeting is a chance to catch up and discuss any changes or issues that have arisen during the week. The hour passes quickly and then it’s 10:00 am – the sign is flipped and the front door unlocked. Often, there are a number of people already waiting; as they file in the phone begins its incessant ringing...

continue reading



Getting Involved

The mandate of MCS as a charitable organization, to respond to the needs of people, is only achievable through the generosity of people.  Giving of your time and talents, as well as your donations of funds and goods, help us to fulfill the goals of servitude.  Whether your interests lie in our visitation, outreach, volunteer drive and/or interpreting programs, or volunteering in the thrift store, there is a range of skills and talents needed.  Consider getting involved.  Contact us at 519-765-3020 for more information.     


MCS seeks to “faithfully link resources with needs”.  Check out the latest publications of Die Mennonitische Post , Das Blatt, and Kurze Nachrichten aus Mexiko, as well as our bookstore for favourite and new titles of books, Bibles, cds, and dvds. 

Community Partnerships and Church Affiliates

MCS values its partnerships with community agencies.  We are also blessed in having the leadership of a volunteer board of directors. Members of the board are nominated for election from five local Mennonite constituent church groups.